The household relationships in Financial Services Cloud

I was recently looking into the Household feature in Financial Service Cloud (FSC). A tree-like structure, nicely presented in a Lightning component, shows all the household members and their related entities.

I couldn’t find any documentation on what entities were exactly selected in each tile of the component so decided experimenting a bit by querying various different objects and comparing the query results with the UI. The following query mapping is purely based on my observation so surely the actual code would be different. The purpose of this is not to figure out the exact queries used in the implementation. Instead it was quite intriguing to me what entities have been considered in the design when a household is modelled in the FSC context.

Group Members

The top left box shows all group members which are also presented in the “Group Members” table. They are basically the entities based on the answer to the following questions in the “Edit Household” dialogue: 

  • Who Are the Members of This Group?
  • Do the Members Have Relationships with Other Accounts? 

Some key mappings: 

  • FinServ__PrimaryGroup__c stores whether the household is the person account’s primary group.
  • FinServ__Primary__c stores whether the person account is this household’s primary member (only one primary member for every household).
  • FinServ__IncludeInGroup__c is whether the account entity should be added to the group (Enabled checkbox in the “Add to Group” column in the household edit dialogue). 

Related Groups

The bottom left box shows all related household groups. They are modelled by the “Account-Account Relation” object.

Note that in the where clause the related account’s record type needs to be “Household”. 

Related Accounts

The middle bottom box shows all related business accounts, e.g. Family Trust. They are modelled by the “Account-Account Relation” object. 

The difference here compared to the above “Related Groups” is that in the where clause the related account’s record type needs to be anything other than “Household”. 

Related Contacts

The bottom right box shows all related contacts. It’s the group members’ related contacts, e.g. Lawyer. 

Aother perspective

From the person account perspective, the “Relationship” tab of a person account page record shows these categories of data: 

  • Households – query from AccountContactRelation 
  • Related Accounts – query from AccountContactRelation 
  • Related Contacts – query from FinServ__ContactContactRelation__c 

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